Makeover May

April's theme for me was "Amp it up April". After the Texas Style Council Conference, I vowed to improve my self- photography and to start wearing clothes a shade off my typical dress/ cardigan/ flip flops combo. Style-wise, April has been one of my favorite months ever here on Adored Austin:aprilI'm going to continue amping up my style and take steps to improve my photography. I'm ready to start investing in pieces that will last, but I'm also willing to try trends and combos that I might not otherwise try.

My theme for May is "Makeover May". I'm setting out to improve my skin, change up how I do my make-up, and consider changing my hair (shock!). I'm nervous; I've been doing my hair and make-up and skin care the same for over 10 years, but if April taught me anything I've learned that it's a good thing to gradually change things up! Stagnancy is no fun.