Hemming and hawing...

For the most part, I consider this an "affordable style blog". I did get a pricy diaper bag and camera bag, but I wanted to pay more for those since it was important to me how they looked and how they were constructed since I use those daily. Both are holding up incredibly well. I could not be happier with my Timi & Leslie diaper bag and my Epiphanie Camera bag.

Something else I am willing to pay a little more for is denim. I don't wear jeans often, but when I do, I want them to fit me well and I want them to last. The jeans in my closet are all around five years old. The washes are a little dated (with heavy sanding on the thigh area-- no thanks!) so I've been squirreling away some money to get a few more pairs of jeans that will hopefully take me into the next five years.

My weekend purchase was a pair of 7 for All Mankind dark flare jeans. I had budgeted $150 for said jeans, but gasped aloud when I saw the exact jeans on my list piled high on a pallet at Costco for $99.00. Costco! $99.00! I used my former Buffalo Exchange buyer prowess and scoured them over for irregular stitching, worn spots, slightly misplaced rivets, or even the tell-tale sign of a bad batch (clipped or marked though tags). Nada. I quite like them:

date: 10 May 11 | occasion: watching Jude & Mitchell at home
tank: Kirra c/o PacSun (similar) | hat: Billabong c/o PacSun (similar) | wedges: TxSCC gift from Wanted | jeans: Costco (same)
I like everything about my Costco jeans except for the length. What is up with all that extra fabric? I'm tall. I'm nearly 5'9'' and there's a good five inches or so hanging off the bottom of my foot. For reference, my Wanted wedges are the tallest shoes I own at four inches tall with a one inch platform, and even while sporting  those, the jeans are still a little long. I cannot imagine these jeans on a lady of average or shorter height! I contemplated hemming them myself, but Judy Aldridge (via Twitter) advised me to leave it to a professional. She's right. I mean, she should know. Her jeans are always impeccably hemmed. Lucky for me, I saw this gem on Groupon Austin today and grabbed it:Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 10.54.07 AM$15 for jeans hemmed with the original hems put back on is phenomenal. I used to pay $35 in California.

Ugh. And speaking of jeans and hems, I broke down and got this Groupon, too:

Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 12.36.36 PM$50 for $100 worth of designer denim at Hem Jeans in Austin? Yes, please! I should probably go back and purchase another hemming from Tailored by Design, too, now. These both end today in mere hours!

Help me! I'm out of control! Is anyone else on a mega Groupon kick, lately?