Weekend recap (with videos!)

This weekend was a whirlwind! In a good way!

Chris and I were able to enjoy our very first night out without Jude. Our sweet friend Joanie offered to watch Jude so we could go out to dinner and bid adieu to our friend Seth by watching his band, The Sad Accordions, before he leaves Austin behind for Albuquerque. Y'all should know that I was so excited to not be wearing a nursing bra! Go, date night! (Um, please forgive the low quality pictures; I only had my point and shoot on hand):
Sad Accordions
shirt: Buffalo David Bitton | shorts: F21 | necklace: City Wide Garage Sale | clutch: LV | espadrille wedges: c/o Wanted

I'm starting to miss my Cynthia Vincent wedges less. These Notti wedges from Wanted are filling the gaping hole in my summer shoe collection the damaged CV wedges left. I'm thinking about getting them in orange, too.

By the way, that green drink is my favorite: a tall, Midori sour with a splash of Sprite. I'm trying to get all bars to call this the "Indiana". This isn't working as well as I had hoped it would...

My friend Dearing celebrated her grand entrance into her 30's with a "vin et le chocolat soiree". We were instructed to dress French and pick up a French name for the evening. Since I'm incredibly classy, I went by the name "Frenchy", donned a striped shirt from a fancy French boutique called the GAP, and I made obnoxious references to AmeliƩ and said "wee wee" a lot:
[vimeo 24123129 w=600 h=338]
This weekend was one of my favorite annual events- The Austin Renegade Craft Fair:
[vimeo 24127001 w=600 h=338]
What's really great about Renegade is that it travels from city to city. If you missed Austin, you can catch it in LA, Chicago, New York, or London, too! I picked up an alphabet print and a tiny Texas plaque from Emilee Rose for Jude and I seriously regretted not getting the hamburger plush from My Paper Crane. Thank goodness most of these craftsters have online ordering available!