With one accord

If I were to win the lottery, the first silly thing I would buy myself is an accordion. My affinity for accordions is solely to blame on a childhood love for Judy Tenuta (I had a tv in my room and would watch Stand-up Spotlight on VH-1 waaaaay past the time when child should be in bed). I'm thinking that this love for accordions may also explain my love for accordion pleated dresses and skirts. Lulu's sent me this sweet maxi dress for the Texas Style Council Conference/ SXSW/ Style X (last seen here) and I screwed up the lining and top by machine washing and drying it incorrectly. Note: screwed up dress + scissors + elastic + sewing machine = new maxi skirt. Behold:

date: 24 May 2011 | occasion: watching Bridesmaids at the Alamo Drafthouse with Bee (baby day!)
dress (refashioned to skirt): c/o Lulu's (similar) | shirt: 80's Purple via Refinery29 Reserve | shoes: Lulu's (similar) | ring: Buffalo Exchange (similar) | belt: Buffalo Exchange (new merch)

And just so y'all know, when I finally get my accordion, I'm going to wear this skirt the first time I play it.

By the way, Who What Wear Daily had a great blurb on accordion pleats yesterday. Check it out! I guess everyone has a childhood love for Judy Tenuta.