Backing out

I went to a conservative Christian university when I first went to college, and we had to abide by a strictly enforced dress code: no shorts to class or in the cafeteria, no tank tops or spaghetti straps, no leggings, and no bare midriffs. I will readily admit that I was a little subversive. Instead of leggings, I'd wear leather pants. Instead of tank tops, I'd wear shirts with sleeves that were missing the shoulders. And instead of midriff baring tops, I'd wear shirts with an open back. I saw this shirt at 80's Purple a couple weeks ago and I was reminded of my little rebellion against my collegiate dress code. Since I'm no longer a young co-ed, I toned it down a little with some old lady slacks:
date: 1 June 11 | occasion: shopping trip (Francesca's, Hem, & Michael's)
blouse: Stüssy via 80's Purple (Refinery 29 Reserve) | pants: Factory by Derek Heart via Buy Definition (similar) | shoes: Anne Marino (similar) | aviators: Francesca's (similar) | clutch: LV | opal ring: first Mother's Day gift from Chris (similar)

Are you ready for my newest feature? Wait for it. Wait for it...


I think I'll be showing more of my outtakes (some days, not all days) as well as bringing "comment of the day" back. I hope you like it!

Comment of the Day: old lady pants for the win! (and i have to say, old lady pants everywhere are thanking you for making them look super cool.) -The Modest Muse