DIY(ish): statement making bib necklace

I hate when people say "I built this table" when in fact, it was an Ikea table that they simply assembled. "You did not build that table, you just screwed the pieces together." In the same way, I'm hesitant to call my fluffy necklace project from Thursday a DIY adventure because in all honesty, I just put it together. It took me all of 15 minutes... ten of which was me thinking about the chain length. Pretty sure I spent four times that amount shopping for the pieces vs. constructing it.

Let me be up front here and tell you that while I love me some DIY projects, I'm no Jessica or Erica. I can only sew straight lines, I suck at using a hot glue gun, and I can barely cut anything without making a mistake. I like Michael's because I can wander the aisles and find things that even I can easily assemble... no hot glue gun required. Case in point: this fluffy bib necklace. It was the details that first caught my eye:


The deal maker was the price tag: only $2.50!

You can't tell from the picture, but this lovely fluffy thing is simply a piece of bib shaped felt with some chiffon and tulle petals sewn onto it and metal clasps attached to each side (hidden under the fluff). I found it in the bead section (which is massive, by the way!). I think it'd be quite easy to make something like this, but for $2.50 and no glue gun injuries to my body, this saved me some time, money, and pain.

I got some brass chains, a pack of jump rings, and set my mind to make an adult bib, on the cheap. All these goodies were found in the same aisle:


Michael's gave a few of the Lucky Alpha shoppers a gift card to show our readers that they have great stuff to make some statement making pieces, but y'all already know that, right?


I can't wait to try my adult bib with a tank and cardigan this fall! It looks like something I saw at Anthro last year, but it was a fraction of the price. Plus I can brag about my stellar DIYing skills... even if it's an exaggeration.

BONUS: If you'd like to create your own statement piece of jewelry, here's a 25% off coupon to Michael's good until the 16th of July!


The only other time I'll wear an adult bib is when I'm eating a lobster. This one is way too pretty to get lobster juice on, though.