TMI: My most embarrassing summer moment. Share yours for a chance to win a $75 giftcard to Lulu*s! (closed)

While Chris and I were just dating, I was doing the Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida. This meant that anytime he came down from Georgia Tech to visit me, we would run around the parks together. It was pretty special for a couple in their first year of dating.


On one such visit (our one year anniversary, actually) we were exploring Epcot together when all of a sudden, I had to pee. I had to pee badly. I started frantically searching for a bathroom somewhere in Epcot Japan. Unbeknownst to me, I was coming down with a bladder infection, so my threshold of being able to hold it was very, very low... so low that all of a sudden --without warning!-- I just wet my pants. In the middle of the happiest place on earth. In front of my boyfriend.


I was mortified. More than mortified! Chris was super understanding, though. He didn't laugh very loudly, and he graciously walked behind me in my cloud of pee stank as we continued to search for a bathroom. I found a small, quiet one and sent him on a mission to explore all the gift shops and come back with a skirt or a sarong or anything. Anything!

In the meantime, I grabbed as much paper towel as I could, and I went into a stall and took off my shorts and underpants. I made a wrap skirt out of the ream of paper towel and got to work washing out my clothes in the sink and blow drying them under the hand dryer. Little did I know that I had picked a bathroom that was right outside a music show pavilion and that my small, "quiet" restroom would become the bustling metropolis of the park once the show let out.
"Mommy! Look! She's wearing a paper towel skirt!"
"Accident, huh?"
And I swear to you, I had to shoo away one small child who tried to wipe her hands on my makeshift skirt.
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That, my friends, is my most embarrassing summer story. I tell you all this to encourage you to share yours.

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update: form removed, finalists named

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