Some of you may have been following the saga of my beloved and subsequently destroyed pairs of Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges. Others of you are probably sick of hearing about them. For those of you in the first camp, here's the latest update (for those of you in the second camp, I'm sorry):
[vimeo 25089149 w=600 h=338]
Honestly? I was dubious. The shoes are fake leather and retailed for only $30 a pair. But after Amy and a few others told me to just inquire to see what Austin Shoe Hospital could do, I thought "why not?". I got a reasonable quote and a quick turnaround estimate (three days!), and I am happy to report that they did a great job. The total cost to repair both pairs was only $26.00 including tax. (I went to the Oak Hill location, but there are ten locations all over the city). Now let's see if these shoes can avoid any future puppy attacks, shall we?