Branching out

When I went into Langford Market last week, I told my buddy (and store manager) Davina that I had a rote summer routine: cotton sundress, flip flops, animal necklace. Over the months, I've really come to trust the tastes of my favorite shop girls, so I told Davina to pull some things slightly out of the realm of what I'd usually pull for myself. I ended up leaving with a black pants suit/ jumper thing (coming soon!) and this top, which I knew, instantly, would be paired with my new leather shorts:

date: 15 June 2011 | occasion: audition
top: c/o Langford Market | shorts: 80's Purple (similar) | Vintage haori: Thrift Town | zebra bracelet: Fashionique (closed- similar) | sandals: Old Navy (similar)

I love kimono jackets (proof: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). This haori (which is a short kimono jacket) is the coolest one I've ever seen. Instead of traditional silk brocade fabric, this one has a cool abstract/ 80's branch print and a shocking pink liner. The Texans 'round here love their air conditioning cranked, so I usually keep a haori stashed in my bag or car just in case. They're so effortless and funky. I love them, but it could just be the Asian in me.