Review: Shabby Apple Lighthouse Dress

Shabby Apple is too kind to me. When Adored Austin was a year old, they sponsored a great giveaway. They wanted to send me a dress to review last year (they have fabulous women's dresses!) but I declined since I was pregnant and knew that I would only be able to wear it for a limited time. I wanted to have a Shabby Apple dress that would last, ya' know?

They recently worked with me to help me find the perfect dress for my body type. I sent Kate my measurements (5'9'' at 36B- 29-38) and told her some of the parts of my body I'm not crazy about (belly!). When they offered to outfit me in the Lighthouse Dress in a size small, (I'll admit it) I balked. In no world have I ever been a small. I'm right between a medium and a large and a size 30 jeans. When my dress arrived in the mail today, I skeptically tried it on, and -HOLY COW- it was a great fit! I didn't have to suck it in to zip it up or anything!
shabby apple
shabby apple
date: 21 June 2011 | occasion: watching The Voice on tv
dress: Shabby Apple | shoes: Lulu*s
I kept it simple with my new wedges because Shabby Apple's thing is that their dresses are great as is, on their own. They're modest (no low necklines, so no need for a camisole), they have great attention to detail (no need for crazy accessories), and they hit at the knee (no need for safety shorts in case of flashing!).

Color- It's hard to tell from the photos, but this dress is actually made of yellow fabric that is covered with a thin white fabric. I thought it read as peach online, so I was presently surprised to find the sunshiny lining. Yellow is my absolute favorite color to wear!
Belt- It's detachable which means the bow can go in the back or I can go without. I think it looks cute both with and without.
Fit- I recommend working with a fit specialist (why not? It's free! Just email I would have ordered a medium, for sure. Like I said, I am never, ever a small!
Fabric- it's so lightweight... absolutely perfect for all these 100ยบ+ days we've been having here in Austin. The fabric is sturdy, but you'll for sure need a nude bra and maybe a slip underneath. I initially tried it on with black undergarments and that was a no-go!
Verdict: recommended!