Indi and Indi

You know what's been missing over here since becoming a mom? MOM JEANS.

Oh, yes. I've been wanting a pair of high-waisted, flared jeans ever since having Jude. My theory is that the high waist covers up the paunch. It's probably not true, but let's all pretend that it is so that I'm not forced to join a gym and work on my fitness, okay?

I saw Indi Denim on Groupon a while back, and although they don't offer jeans with a patented front butt technology, they do offer custom jeans for about the same price as a pair of premium splurge jeans. I wrote them, and they graciously offered to go off the map for me a little by customizing me a pair of bell-bottoms:


The kind folks over at Alainn Bella caught wind of my new animal print obsessions and sent me a cute little tank with tiny prancing giraffes all over it:

date: 2 July 2011 | occasion: photo snapping, South Congress
jeans: Indi Denim (Groupon!) | tank: c/o Alainn Bella | wedges: c/o Wanted | watch: thrifted Michael Kors (same) | belt: Target | sunglasses: SoLa (similar)

I really dig these jeans. I want to wash them before giving them a full review, but at first try-on, these may be the best mom jeans, ever. They are exactly what I envisioned. Tina Fey, eat your heart out.