Swing your partner round and round

Did you ever take square dancing as part of physical education in elementary school? I did and it was so awkward. Fourth grade: I was paired up with Matt Followell who was really cool and really popular whereas I was really uncool and really smelly (thus causing my unpopularity). On one hand I felt sorry for Matt, having to be paired up with me, but on the other hand, I knew we were going to rock it because I was a dynamite dancer. It was true. We were awesome (well, as awesome as fourth graders could be at something) and for me, the only bummer about square dancing in P.E. is the fact that we girls did not get to wear the fluffy skirts that square dancers are known for. I really wanted a fluffy skirt to go with my ace square dancing skills.

A billionty years later, I got my wish:


And I'm probably still awesome at square dancing.


Well, probably still awesome for a fourth grader.

And definitely better than Jude. I mean, he can't even stand up on his own, yet.
date: 12 July 2011 | occasion*: Chipotle dinner
skirt: Smashion | leotard: American Apparel outlet | belt: vintage, Thrift Town | wedges: c/o Wanted | diaper bag: Timi & Leslie (here) | elephant necklace: Buffalo Exchange (similar) | earrings: Francesca's

*Note: In my humble opinion, one does not need an occasion to don a square dancing skirt. If you got it, flaunt it.

By the way, I would really like hipsters to declare that square dancing is cool. I would really like there to be ample opportunities to wear this skirt and square dance in Austin. Can we collectively agree to make this happen, people?