Review: Stop Staring

When Stop Staring contacted me to ask me if I'd be interested in styling up one of their vintage inspired dresses, I almost passed. Then Chris walked by and saw me browsing their inventory online.
"What's that?"
"Oh, this company wants to know if they can send me a dress. They're not really my style..."
But then he did it. "It" being this: he has this way of cocking his eyebrow, and without saying a word, I can tell exactly what he's thinking.
"You should get one of those dresses!"
And his eyebrow was right! I'd been complaining about being stuck in a rut style-wise, so this would be a great opportunity to try a new brand and to branch out. The result:

date: 16 July 2011 | occasion: dinner at Musashino
dress: c/o Stop Staring | wedges: Shoe Carnival (similar- nicer) | opal ring: gift from Chris (similar)

When I first tried on this dress, my initial inclination was to hem it to someplace above my knee, but my best friend Bee told me to just leave it alone. Always listen to your best friend, right? I'm glad I did. In hindsight, I think if it were any shorter, I'd be in Snooki territory. Leopard print is tricky. On one hand it can be pretty and classic, but in the wrong cut or the wrong fabric, you can easy skew into Snooki or Peggy Bundy style. Thankfully the luxe fabric and vintage silhouettes of this Stop Staring dress kept me in the not-trashy category, and they have a ton more gorgeous styles to choose from. I can't wait to style this up again with some higher heels and better hair and make-up. Va-va-va-voom! Check them out at their site or see some of their frocks on ModCloth. I highly recommend them and so does Bee and Chris' eyebrow.

Wanna see what I did after our nice dinner?


Hot date! (Ha). Here I am barefoot in the kitchen. Don't be jealous.