A total whack job

For the greater part of ten years, my favorite thing about the way I looked was my loooooong hair, but lately, I've found myself either throwing it in a bun or a ponytail, tired of it's lack of style. My hair grows fast. Remember that time I got bangs? Two months later they were gone. Because of this, I finally gave it to an actual haircut at a place that does not have "barbershop" in the title. Why not try something new?

I saw Fransico Villa, owner of Francisco's Salon on South Congress (it's across the walkway from Hopdoddy and Kendra Scott).

Fifteen minutes into my consultation, I felt so comfortable with the owner that I threw all caution to the wind. "You know what, Francisco? You know what you're doing. I trust you. Have at it." Not even two minutes later he had severed my entire ponytail.



Cut and color: highlights in three different shades with a darker depth of color added to my roots for easy growing out.


Pureology to help my hair keep its color (this stuff smells so good!)


Intern Rachael went a smidge lighter via an ombré highlighting technique.


Whereas I lost about 20 pounds of hair!


It certainly is a lot different than what I had this morning. My head feels so much lighter and I can't stop swinging my shorter-do around. Francisco is a laugh riot, and he has a beautiful salon and a caring staff. He gave me the best scalp massage I've ever had in my life as well my first real hairstyle. It's going to take some getting used to, but I welcome the change.

Thank you, Laura at Lift PR for not letting up on me about seeing Francisco, and thank you to Francisco for calming my fears 'though wielding shears today.

Visit Francisco's Salon in Austin or Corpus and check them out on Facebook and Twitter.