Central Texas Fires

Over the weekend several areas surrounding Austin were (and continue to be) engulfed in wildfires. We live 30 minutes straight west of Bastrop where so far 25,000 acres have burned, more than 500 homes have been lost, and thousands of families have been evacuated with no way to know if their house is still standing or has been destroyed. As of this morning, this fire continues to burn with little to no containment. I can see the smoke plumes from my upstairs window and we live in the helicopter flight path, so we keep hearing news helicopters en route to see the scene.

[photo by Deanna Roy]

We're okay. We live within the Austin city limits and we spent yesterday packing a bag we can grab in a hurry, making a quick inventory of our belongings, and gathering tools in case a new fire breaks out and we are asked to evacuate. We live next to several acres of woods which is home to a large homeless population and our street is flanked by a field of dry brush. Though the weekend's wind has relented, the low humidity and lack of rain has not. The Austin area continues to be on high alert.

With that said, it seems a little silly to spend the day taking my outfit photos and writing about what I'm wearing. I hope you understand. I've filled out my Red Cross volunteer application and plan to see how I can best lend a hand.
If you'd like to help out, please see KXAN to see how you can give goods, money, or services. I have been told that money, time, and food are really the best way to help immediately.
If you know a displaced family who needs help, let them know my family has a guest room and extra bathroom available and I can watch small pets or kids while parents take care of business.
Stay safe, Austin. I love you.