Thinking of you...

Hi, everyone! Gosh, I miss you. For the last three weeks I've been quite ill. I was well enough to go to my grandma's in Indiana for vacation last week and for Jude's midwest birthday party, but when I returned, I became ill again.

I've mentioned this before, but I have a Hashimoto's Syndrome, which is a thyroid disease that is usually pretty easy to control with medicine. However, lately, my symptoms are worse than they've ever been: I'm weak, I'm cold, my skin is scaly, I can't shake about 10 pounds that I've gained, my hips and shoulders hurt constantly, and quite honestly, I feel like I'm thinking in a fog. I just don't feel like me and all I want to do is sleep.

Don't feel sorry for me, though. I have a great doctor who I'm finally going to see on Monday, and Chris and my best friend Bee have been a huge help to me.
I just wanted to take a couple minutes and let you know why you've gotten radio silence here. I did not die. I am not quitting my blog. I miss you dearly and hope to be back in action as soon as I'm feeling up to snuff. If you're the praying type, I would love it if you could pray that I get back on my feet sooner rather than later.
Let's not be sad. Here's a photo from Jude's birthday party invite. The theme was "book nerd". Let's all laugh at that, okay?nerdyjude
Happy birthday Jude! Can you believe I have a one year old already?
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