Indiana + iPhone (finally)

You know how uncool kids hopped on trends like way later than the cool kids then gushed about these trends like they were the latest and greatest thing even though all the cool kids have moved on? No? Oh. Well, that's what's happening to me. Chris got me an iPhone 4s for my birthday this weekend and I've become an addict. (One day will I regret making all my photos look old and funky?) Anyway... here's a glimpse at my weekend:weekend(L- R, top to bottom)

1. My mom and baby Jude at his Texas birthday party last Saturday. Happy birthday, Jude! By the way, his adorable mug graced Ohdeedoh today.
2. My repurposed Bjork costume, made from a crinoline and six white feather boas. It was a last minute thing. I'm supposed to be a chicken. I joined some friends for a party and all night I did the chicken dance to every song the dj played (nope, not annoying at all...)
3. Chris made me a birthday steak instead of a birthday cake (he knows me well!). This photo also made me realize how much I hate photographing my food. Gross.
4. The Halloween costumes I made for Mitchell and Jude turned out great! I want the boys to wear them to Austin Comic Con!
5. Spooky Jude (who was later stolen off my porch!) and Noodles, the Halloweiner.
6. Birthday flowers from my sweet mother-in-law.
Oh, man, I'm loving my iPhone...

  • Find me on under "IndianaAdams".
  • Sign up for a Followgram account so you can get your own URL for your photos.
  • For $.99 you can send real postcards in the real mail from your iPhone with the free app Postagram. If you sign up using my link, your first postcard is free! I just sent one to my mom since she left Texas today. They're really cool because they're mailed the next business day and the square photo pops out and is great for displaying.
  • My other favorite apps so far are Viddy (twelve second videos!), Foursquare, and My Fitness Pal. I've even set up a Tumblr called Indiana + iPhone to send all my iPhone content to one place.
Can you tell? I'm geeking out a little er... a lot!

Aside from my super awesome/ super cute Otterbox tell me what else I should have on this iPhone.

Behold, people. I feel like I'm part of the cool crowd finally. Can I sit with you at lunch now?
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