Haven't done one of these in a while...

I am aghast that I have not done an outfit post since September 20th. Did the earth stop spinning? Did the sun stop shining? Have you been sobbing quietly into you pillow each evening since?

- What's that you say?
- What do you mean the world went on without me?!
I promise I have not been naked since September 20th. Much like Tobias Funke, I'm a never nude, so I assure you that I have been clothed daily, just not photographed. Today, however, I broke my cycle of fashion blogger failure. Ta-da! Clothes!

And boots!
And sunglasses!
And a necklace!
And a purse!
date: 2 Novemeber 2011 | occasion: breakfast with Alyson
thrifted dress: Buffalo Exchange | vintage jacket: c/o Miskabelle Vintage | boots: Wanted | sunglasses: 80's Purple via Delightful Dozen | necklace: c/o Accessorize (2009) | vintage clutch: Texas Thrift

Did you swoon when you saw the lace detailing on that Miskabelle jacket? I did when I saw it online. I did again when it came in the mail. I've been out of my head, crazy in love with chunky lace details lately. Don't believe me? Just ask my Pinterest. (We're still doing Pinterest, right?)