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New boots: road test

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Happy weekend, everyone! After meeting Sarah and Joanie for coffee this morning, Chris and I took Jude and Mitchell around the neighborhood to give my new boots a thorough road test. Were they as comfortable as they were during try-ons in San Marcos yesterday?weekend

[boots: Dr. Scholl's | sweater: prize (2009) | blouse and socks: American Apparel SXSW flea market | necklace: Buffalo Exchange | leggings: Costco]
Oh, yes. I am totally impressed. These guys? Not so much:
Coming up next week, I have a DIY tutorial for you, my holiday wishlist, a closet tour/ video blog, and I'll be drawing the winner for the Dr. Scholl's giveaway. It feels really good to be back in the swing of things here. I've missed you!

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