Get it: Groupon's American Apparel deal

So I know it's Sunday and I don't usually ever post on Sundays, but I just got the heads up that tomorrow Groupon is doing an American Apparel deal. You can get $50 worth of merch for $25 or $100 for $50 and it works both in-store and online. These sold out last year, so if it's Monday when you're reading this, go go go! Not a Groupon member? First of all, WHAT? And second of all, you can join here using my invite code.

Contrary to popular belief, American Apparel does have more than gold lamé leggings and see through bodysuits. Here's a peak at my American Apparel wishlist that I was working on yesterday:


Cute, huh?

I frequent American Apparel's flea market every SXSW and I go to the American Apparel outlet in Round Rock anytime I'm remotely close. When I see stuff from my American Apparel wants list at Buffalo Exchange, I grab it. If you've been a long time Adored Austin reader you'll know that I wear a lot of American Apparel. Here are some of my favorite and most worn American Apparel pieces:

I know, I know. American Apparel has totally sqeezy ads and usually makes their models look like drugged out hussies. If you can get past that (whoa!) and the fact that their CEO by all reports is a d-bag, they do have quite a few great pieces that are all made in Los Angeles. Lucky Magazine even says American Apparel has clothes that could be appropriate for work (I know! I gasped, too!).
So if you want to try 'em out or if you're a slightly embarrassed fan-girl like I am, get that Groupon and go on with your gold lamé leggings I mean sensible blouse wearing self.
note: The Groupon sale link is
Disclaimer: I am not a Groupon affiliate blogger nor is this a sponsored post. I did, however, use my Groupon invite link in this post. If you join using my link, I may get $10 Groupon credit if you buy your first Groupon.

UPDATE: It's officially past midnight so it's officially Monday! I got mine! I opted for the $100 in-store credit for $50. I'll be going in ASAP on Tuesday (dressing room video blog, maybe?). I wish I could have bought two for myself!

UPDATE 2: The in-store option works at the outlets! Now I'm 1000x more excited!