How I used my American Apparel Groupon

I ventured out in the rain today because I just had to use my American Apparel Groupon (which is still going on, by the way!). I went all the way up to Round Rock to take advantage of the outlet pricing. Oh, the things I do for a good deal. Here's what I scored:aa_picks
chiffon tee | crepe de chine button-up | chiffon polka dot blouse | knit cardigan
If you go to the American Apparel outlet, make sure to ask what's "red tagged". Red tags aren't sales per se (the Groupon doesn't work on sale items) but they are new items that are heavily marked down (yeah, I don't know the difference, either, but whatever. I just went with it since my Groupon worked on those). For instance, the chiffon button downs were red tagged for $28 (they retail for $58 usually). Just make sure to check every item over for snags, teeny tiny holes, or falling hems. If there are multiple of your size in stock look at them all and choose the best one. If you do go to the Round Rock Outlet, tell the manager Jess hello. She's incredibly helpful and sweet and will help you spend your Groupon wisely.

Anyway... as you may have noticed, this fall I've been drawn to a very peachy/ neutral color palette. I plan to wear the chiffon tee and the crepe button-up to Diya's fashion show on Thursday along with an amazing mullet skirt I picked up at Langford Market last week. What kind of shoes does one wear with a mullet skirt?
I am convinced that it finally rained here in Austin because I curled my hair and I left my car windows down. You're welcome, Austin. It was rainy most of the afternoon, but by the time I got home, the sun was poking through:
date: 15 Nov 2011 | occasion: American Apparel shopping trip
blazer: thriftted, Goodwill | jeans: Earnest Sewn c/o Shop it To Me | tee: American Apparel | boots: c/o Dr. Scholl's | scarf: c/o Happy Scarf

Have you guys heard of Shop It To Me? No lie: Shop It To Me is one of only two automated emails I let come to my personal email address (the other is Refinery 29). I dig it and use it regularly. You sign up, choose your favorite stores and brands from a list of over 900, and however many times/ week and whatever day of the week you want, you get what they call "SaleMail"-- it's just one email full of the sale alerts you want straight to your inbox. Because of it, I've been able to snipe some amazing sales at ShopBop and Urban Outfitters. If you want, you can sign up here to try it.
I recently found these amazing Earnest Sewn jeans in my size in the Sale Mail marked to $75 (normally $198), thus adding to my ever growing denim collection. I'm smitten. More on the jeans tomorrow!