A few changes and also a disclosure about my Scrooge McDuck-like goals for Adored Austin

Hi, there! I am adjusting the 'ole blog a little bit. If you check the sidebars, you may notice a few additions.

On the left side we have:
current events sales
Hooray! You can sign up to get these straight to your inbox once a week.
Now let's talk about how I plan to turn this blog into one giant commercial so that I can swim in a pool full of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.
On the lower right side, I've added a slew of invite only sale sites that I use. Some of these you may know about, some you may not. I don't want to fuel anyone's shopping addiction, but I do want to encourage you to find the best deals possible when making your fully thought out purchases. Raise your hand if you hate paying full retail price on anything (my hand is raised, is yours?). It's always free to join these sites, and I have used all of these at least once (except ShoeMint since it hasn't launched, yet). With Christmas coming up, I've been scouring these sites for gifts. Check 'em out:
fab gilt groupon jewelmint myhabit prive R29reserve shoemint shopittome stylemint
My personal favorites are Fab, Groupon, and Amazon's MyHabit. If you join using any of my links, beware. I may get shop credit for those sites if you make purchases. Can you sleep at night knowing that you may have enabled me to get another piece of animal jewelry or even more animal clothing?
In the lowest right you'll see that I've added a few affiliate advertisement banners. These are only from retailers that I use and love:
asos freepeople lulus ModCloth threadsence shopbop UrbanOutfitters welovecolors
In addition to these, in my outfit posts, you'll may start noticing links to "rStyle", which is the blogger ad network rewardStyle that you no doubt may have seen popping up on the style blogs:


More info on that here.
So why all the sudden changes? Please know that I have no desire to make Adored Austin a full-time job or to twist it into some grand money making scheme... unless I can make so much money that I can have an indoor swimming pool full of coins and buy myself a revolving closet like Cher had in Clueless. Cheese alert: I enjoy doing my blog because it has given me the amazing opportunity to meet other bloggers and to meet other Austinites that I would not have had the chance to meet otherwise. That, in and of itself, is enough for me.
However, I do spend a fair amount of money and time on this hobby blog, and I love doing it at the level I'm doing it right now. After two and a half years of never posting an affiliate link or an invitation to a members' sale, I've decided to switch it up. I just want to see if I can make a little more money so that I can have the opportunity to bless Chris and Jude a little more and to build a fund to be able to throw more Adored Austin events. And also, it's really hard to swim in a teacup full of pennies totaling $2.14.
I know that every blogger swears that her ads do not affect her content. I can't vouch for anyone but me, but please know that like my Adored Austin partnerships, my affiliates will only be from retailers that I actually use. If you ever see an ad for some crazy expensive luxury brand that only has cruddy products made in China, please feel free to call me out on it.
Please feel free to click or not click on anything you see on Adored Austin. I promise that my family won't starve if you don't buy these $90 Minnetonka boots like mine from Urban Outfitters... although in full disclosure, I could really use the 315 pennies I'd get from the commission off your purchase for my Scrooge McDuck coin swimming pool.