Giveaway [closed]: Hem Gems

7daysI mentioned the other day that I got some Earnest Sewn jeans thanks to Shop it To Me. I love them. They fit like a dream, except for the length... again. What gives with premium denim being so long? I'm 5'8'' which is pretty tall for a lady and I almost always have to take my jeans to the tailor to get four inches taken off. Who is wearing their jeans this long? Basketball players? Giraffes? Clowns on stilts?
needhemThe other day I hosted a giveaway for a Hollywood Fashion Secrets Jean Kit that had some hem tape inside. The hem tape was basically a super sticky, doubled sided tape that pulled off clean for a temporary hem fix. An alternative to this is Hem Gems. Have you heard of Hem Gems? I wore some on Saturday since I hadn't yet taken my jeans to the tailor, and they're one of those "Duh! I need these; why didn't I think of that?" inventions. They're basically little tie tacks for your jeans. With these little babies you can adjust your favorite jeans to fit just right with flats or your highest heels, and they come in all sorts of cute shapes:hemgemsgiveaway

[not pictured: the studs I have since they're no longer offered online. See them here.]
Review: They are so easy to use and since they work like tie tacks (i.e. they have a special back that keeps them on) you don't have to worry about the pin back falling off and you being on the receiving end of surprise puncture wounds. It took me less than three minutes to Hem Gem my jeans. I prefer the "tuck 'em under" technique:

hemgems2Since I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates when her jeans are superfluously long, I am excited to give away a set of Hem Gems to one lucky Adored Austin reader:win hem gems
Edit: form removed. Entry period passed.

If you've ever had problems with the length of your jeans or wished that your jeans had adjustable hems, Hem Gems are the thing to get. The giveaway winner can choose between the silver studs or the silver stars.

Check out Hem Gems online: Shop | Facebook | Twitter

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