I can see why Tyra is so crazy about Vaseline now...

Have you guys seen this video, yet? This really happened!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKxBoPgujNk?rel=0]Obviously, Tyra Banks has long been a fan of Vaseline, but all of her insanity aside, legendary beauties such as Marilyn Monroe and my own mother tout Vaseline as the MVP of their beauty arsenal.

Some back story: my husband Chris is a little chemist. He's always mixing up lotions and making his own toner and face wash (instead of just buying some from the Clinique counter like I do). Me? Not so much. I buy what I need and don't usually get all DIY-y in my make-up or beauty routine, but that all changed last week because 1- I saw the above video, and 2- Vaseline sent me a nifty little package to try some dabbling of my own. While Jude was sleeping, I made a sugar scrub, created smokey eyes, made a travel lipgloss and contouring cream, and found a secret way to use less perfume! Just call me the vanity MacGyver. Wait. Don't. Calling me "Awesome" will do just fine.

Here's everything you need to get started: contact lens case, pressed eye shadow (dark for contouring cream, light for highlighting cream. I used Radiant's Sand Dollar), dark eyeliner (I used Radiant's Gravity), matte lipstick (I used Radiant's Matte Red), raw sugar, Precision Tip Q-Tips, Crystal Light powder, a toothbrush, Vaseline, Vaseline Lip Therapy (optional), my favorite perfume (Michael Kors Island Hawaii).

1. Lip Sugar Scrub:
vaseline_scrubKiss your chapped, winter lips goodbye. Place a half pea sized dollop of Vaseline on an old toothbrush, dust with raw sugar, and move the toothbrush around in a circle motion on your dry lips. Wipe off with a dry washcloth. Apply Vaseline Lip Therapy or your new gloss from trick #3 (see below).

2. Smokey Eyes:
vaseline_linerLine your upper lids as close to the lash line as possible with a dark liner (gray is the optimal choice). Put a tiny amount of Vaseline on the end of a Precision Tip Q-Tip. Smudge lightly, moving the Q-Tip from the inside corner of your eye, outward in small dabs.

3. Handy Dandy Travel Lipgloss:
vaseline_lipsUsing a Q-Tip, place a generous pat of Vaseline in a (clean) contact case. Using the stick part of the Q-Tip, chisel a bit of your favorite matte lipstick off and add it to the Vaseline with a tiny sprinkle of Crystal Light (for flavoring). Mix well. Do a different shade in the other side or make...

4. Cream Contour:
vaseline_eyesUsing a Q-Tip, place a generous pat of Vaseline in a (clean) contact case. Using the stick part of the Q-Tip (broken in half), scrape out a bit of tan eyeshadow and add it to the Vaseline. Mix well. Using your ring finger, apply to the crease above your eyes or under your cheek bones. Note: Use a light beige eyeshadow (instead of dark tan) to make a cream highlighter, instead.

5. Perfume Extender:
vaseline_perfumeI read that perfume doesn't last as long on dry skin. This trick has made my perfume scent last until I shower! Put a pea sized amount of Vaseline in your palm and rub your palms together to emulsify it. Now treat this like lotion apply to your inner wrists, décolleté, and behind your ears. Add a dab of perfume to the same areas.

I love tricks #3 & #4 for traveling. I plan to make a contact case with two DIY lip glosses (red and pink) and one with the contour and the highlighter when Chris and I go to Atlanta next week for the holidays.

I've also been using Vaseline as a nighttime moisturizer (much to Chris' chagrin) and I've been slathering it on my heels and sleeping in socks to keep my feet soft. So far, so good! I have extremely acne prone skin and was more than a little trepidatious to use Vaseline as my nighttime moisturizer, but my mom does it and she looks amazing for her age! So far, no breakouts!

What about you guys? Any other beauty DIY's you want to share with me?

Comment of the Day: I "read in an interview with Evangeline Lily that she travels so much and never gets sick on planes because she rubs Vaseline inside her nose (yes, inside). It prevents her nose from drying out and getting teeny cracks in it where the germs can get in. I've tried this a few times and it works. Though, make sure to apply it when you are alone lest you be mistaken for a nose picker." -Julie