So many shoes and only two feet

I have never been a shoe person. Belts? Yes. Jewelry? Yes. And, yes, even a brief time in middle school, Blossom Hats. But shoes? No, not really. But lately, I've felt that changing. I think I'm going a little shoe crazy because I'm perfectly satisfied with my wardrobe at this point (--insert collective gasp--) but my shoe collection is in a sorry state thanks to my feet still being a half size larger than they were pre-Jude.

Since Saturday, I've become the proud owner of three new pairs of shoes:

Kate Spade wedge ankle booties found at Buffalo Exchange (similar) |The ShoeMint Leopard Jolly wedges (scored at 50% off) | MIA stacked loafers c/o Francesca's Collection

I wore the ShoeMint boots for the third day in a row today because they are that comfortable. I even did an HEB run in leggings and an oversized sweater and threw on those boots.
[vimeo 33705396 w=600 h=338]
I'm starting to think shoe shopping is like smoking crack. It's whack! I mean, I pretty much increased my shoe collection by 25% this weekend and I STILL found myself shoe shopping in these wee hours after midnight tonight. I blame Julie. She introduced me to SoleSociety and I keep putting things in my cart there and then shutting my laptop and reminding myself to get a grip on my (barely dormant) online shopping addiction. Oh, *sigh*, but aren't these cute?

Whatever you do, do not go to SoleSociety (or ShoeMint or anything like them) prior to Christmas. You're liable to spend all of the money you've allotted for presents for others there. Step away from the computer. Log out of PayPal. Put your debit card down and RUN!

I made it out with some intervention from some friends. Did you?

By the way, I have been getting dressed...
I just haven't had time to do the photographs properly with the tripod and the nice outdoor lighting and whatnot. Here's an extremely Instagrammed photograph of what I wore thrifting today:

dress: c/o Francesca's (USA made) | shoes: ShoeMint
And this post just won an award for fewest listed items! Go, post!