American Apparel on GILT, and man, oh, man does it look good!

It's been well documented over here that I love American Apparel (1, 2, 3). I know, I know... I've heard it all in your comments before: the CEO has a spotty reputation, their models sometimes look scary, their ads often objectify young women and men... sigh, but I can't help it! It's my go-to place for new, American made basics. Their cardigans are always a perfect fit, I'm crazy for their chiffon stuff, and their t-shirts last and last.

When I tell people that I'm kind of an American Apparel fan girl, I often get the side-eye. "American Apparel? Really? You? You usually seem so sensible." Yes! Me! And don't call me sensible again!

I have a theory that I get the side-eye over my America Apparel love because of the reputation the brand may have incurred due to the model styling on their website. Case in point: For two more days, American Apparel is on GILT. Instead of using the typical American Apparel models styled starkly with "I just walked through the wind" hair and no makeup, GILT styled up American Apparel in a way that made me ooh and ahh over American Apparel like I never have before. Let's compare, shall we?
stripedsweater[unisex thin striped sweater]Switch out those summer camp counselor shorts for some leggings, untuck the shirt, and -whoa!- how did this end up in my online shopping cart that fast?
greendress[cotton spandex double-u long sleeved mini dress]They both do the "nonchalant/bored model" thing well, but adding those black tights makes this go from sleazy to "Yes, please! Me!"
turtleneckdressgreen[cotton spandex jersey turtleneck dress]A little pose adjustment (and perhaps some shapewear and a cup of coffee?) made this turtleneck dress seem almost office appropriate.
blackturtleneckdress[cotton spandex jersey turtleneck dress]I prefer the dress without the cutout for my super long armpit hair. Oh? That's her hair hair? My bad.
capsleevedtee[baby rib cap sleeve t]Cap sleeves are not a good look on anyone over the age of two (except for GILT models, apparently). Mom jeans with a tucked in cap sleeved t-shirt that's so tight I can see your triangle bra underneath is also not a good look on anyone over the age of two. Or even those under the age of two. Eep.
babyribleggings[cotton jersey spandex leggings]No shirt, no shoes? Then no red leggings. Yes, I do prefer my red leggings with shirts and shoes, instead of invisible shirts and invisible high heels.
chemise[sheer jersey chemise]

Prepubescent ballerina post dance rehearsal vs. hot bombshell meeting friends for karaoke and cocktails? I'm buying that shirt from the second girl, for sure. Wait. Is this the girl from Once Upon a Time? Oh my gosh! Emma! Are you sad about the huntsman and what is up with slutty red riding hood and who is Henry's father and ... oh. Not her? Sorry, Jennifer Morrison.

[riding pant]You know your pants are high when you're tucking your bra into them. GILT covers up the guilt... and also where can I get those wedges?!

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