Next Tuesday: Food, Fashion, Fitness, and Faith?

If your New Year's resolutions involved anything having to do with food, getting in shape, or bettering your relationship with God (I know mine did), my friend Sarah and I are going to be giving talks at the North Lamar Central Market at starting at 7pm this Tuesday that covers these things.

Sarah is the owner of Whole Heath Approach, and she's a holistic health coach here in Austin. She is a dear friend of mine and one of the funniest and sweetest women I know. Her talk is "Five Diet Myths, Busted" from 7-8 pm.

My talk is from 8-9 pm, and it's a Christian faith-based talk called "Well Woman". It tackles our perceptions of body image and how that relates to how you think God views you. I'll be sharing my own struggles with consumerism and body image and discussing how the unique struggles of a being a young, American woman butt up against the life Christian women are called to lead.
Definitely come to Sarah's talk. Since mine is a talk geared toward Christians, my part is really only for women who are Christians or are open to Christian theology (I won't be offended if you don't stay for my part).
Here's an ugly graphic that I made for it. (Never trust me with web graphics. I will let you down every time.)
bokeh copyDon't judge this talk by the above graphic. Come out for dinner at 6pm and stay for our discussions. It should be casual, informative (Sarah's part, at least), and encouraging. It's the first time in over ten years that I've spoken in public about my faith, but I'm excited to share my story with you.
Update: We gave in and made a Facebook invite. >>>
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