A look back and a look forward

Oh, hi, 2012. You got here fast, didn't you?

I feel like the new year kind of snuck up on me. One day it was Thanksgiving, then I woke up and it was Christmas, then I blinked my eyes and the New Year was already here. This time flying thing must mean I'm getting old.

It's crazy, but 2012 will be Adored Austin's fourth year. I had some decent outfits in 2011:
But I also had some pretty terrible ones:
2011badIf you were here for any of the above outfits, man, I'm sorry, and wow. I thank you for sticking around despite my propensity to make myself look pregnant or wear a scarlet letter-like t-shirt in public.

My favorite posts to do were my Halloween video, my Jane By Design DIY's, and the blurb I wrote recently on American Apparel vs. GILT. I don't think I was as funny as I was in 2010, but I hope to regain some of my humor in 2012.
My good friend Jen has recently decided to make some blog changes, and while I'm not making the same exact changes regarding Adored Austin, through my conversations with her I have been able to evaluate what I like doing vs. what I do not like doing in order to change up how I do things here. I like being funny (or at least trying to be funny). I like making videos. I like attempting DIY's. I do not like turning Adored Austin into a giant advertisement with little to no creativity. To that end, my brand partnerships in 2012 will hopefully be a little more interesting. More videos! More diy's! More creativity! More silly! Less "buy this; it's cute". Because I don't post my outfits every day (or even three times/ week) I'm stepping away from the Delightful Dozen. I'll be using my sidebar for more local advertisers because I adore Austin and want to promote my friends in town.
I'll still be doing the occasional outfit post because for some strange reason, even though I can barely dress myself half the time (see above photo), it has become a part of my blog's identity. I'll try to figure out how to dress better or at least have more fun when trying new things. Perhaps this is the year for experiments.
Thank you for a great year, y'all. Here's to 2012 being even better!
Greetings from Austin
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