Video: One Question For Erica Dasher

Still no news on who won the Jane By Design Style Challenge, but I was pleasantly surprised when the star of the show was chosen to answer any question of my choosing. I was tempted to ask something completely non sequitur, like... do you run water over your toothbrush before or after you squirt on the toothpaste, but the ex-actress and current clothes wearer in me just had to ask a relevant question:
[vimeo 36499678 w=600 h=338]Speaking of relevant questions, I'm taking submissions for questions to ask Perez Hilton. I have a little phone interview coming up with him before SXSW. I was just going to get him to sing with me (maybe some Glee duets?) but I thought if there were anything you'd like to ask him, I'll do it for you.