The Austin Chronicle: Feature on Female Bloggers

During SXSW, I'll be speaking on the topic "Blogging: Why So Many Women are Doing it". Last year I was asked to speak specifically on style blogging, but this year I wanted to talk about the crazy influx of female bloggers in general (especially style bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and mom bloggers). Am I right in saying that it seems like over the last two years there are a ton more lady bloggers out there? I feel like nearly every day I find a new blog I love and add it to my out of control Google Reader.

I don't consider myself to be an expert on this topic, but I have been blogging since 1999, so I have a lot of opinions! I have made some big mistakes (ahem, like taking a month off unannounced) and I've learned a lot of lessons. In the last three years that I have I worked with brands, I find myself fielding more questions about all that.
The Austin Chronicle, which is Austin's famous alternative weekly, had a great op-ed piece about female bloggers in this week's issue. The writer, Melanie Haupt, got a few sound-bites from me and Will Van Overbeek, the photographer, took a quick shot that turned out hilarious:
Check out the full piece, "How Blogging Became the (very lucrative) 21st Century Quilting Bee" here and see my strange Tracy Jordan-like feet in Will's original photo (what is up with that?). If you're a SXSW badge holder, make sure to check out my talk on Monday, March 12th, 5pm.