And I got dressed, finally.

Yesterday the horror film I shot two years ago screened at the Alamo Drafthouse. Since I was in labor with Jude during its Austin Film Festival premiere in 2010, I just had to get down there to see the final edit. That meant that I got dressed for the first time since January 24th. You know, since I always take pictures of what I wear every day and never, ever skip days, you can surmise that for well over a month, I've been completely nude.*feb29
date: 29 Feb 2012 | occasion: I Didn't Come Here to Die screening at The Alamo Drafthouse
blazer: Here J | necklace: Here J (both scored via Refinery29 Reserve, which is still live until March 6) | tank: Old Navy | jeans: AG (via a Hem Jeans Groupon) | bangles: c/o InPink | bag: Missibaba (gift bought at Ecetera Etc by my friends at Poshmark) | wedges: Shoemint

*When I say I've been nude, that really just means I've been nude underneath my flannel pj's and Slanket. Chris informed me that Slankets are not approved for public wearing, so in case that's true, I've ordered this bad boy from Urban Outfitters. 1- it's on sale, 2- hello, it's an ANIMAL, and 3- did you read the description? "It's a blanket AND an oversized poncho". I cannot go wrong here, can I?
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