For the love of coral, yellow, and turquoise

I have the tendency to buy things that make me look pregnant. This is okay now, but it's not okay usually. I'm drawn to bohemian-like late 60's and early 70's clothing, and sometimes the babydoll dresses and empire waistlines make me look like I'm... oh... creeping up on my third trimester. I hope that is not the case with this top.

This season I cannot get enough of coral, yellow, and turquoise. I had to do a return to Free People today, and I exchanged the nightgown I bought accidentally for this bright top that I hope will fit me and my midsection through the Austin summer.
5march2013necklaceThis necklace is my new obsession.
5march2012blowfishWedges for now...
5march2012blowfishcompareThe same print in alternative flats for when my feet grow fatter and flatter. No doubt this will happen to me again.
date: 5 March 2012 | occasion: eating steak and being lazytop: Free People (50% off at Shopbop) | hat: c/o American Apparel | necklace: c/o Moorea Seal | jeans: TxSC 2011 Swap | bag: Maptote (denim version at Stag) | shoes: c/o Blowfish (wedges, flats)
I thought for sure I'd be over wedges by now in favor of heels. Nope. No, not at all. I wonder if one day I'll look at a pair of wedges and say something jerky like, "Wedges are sooooo 2009- 2012...". If you ever hear me something akin to that slap me across the face. Hard. I deserve it.
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