New Spring Loves (2012)

Recently I feel like I've been introduced to a lot of new, great things, so I thought I'd share what I'm currently digging.

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1. Buxom Big & Healthy lip balm (Cabana). Got this freebie from Sephora after picking up a voucher for it at the Refinery29 lounge at StyleX. Lip plumper + deep conditioner= win win! I love it because it's glossy, creamy, and not at all sticky, which is rare for a plumper.
2. Clinique Sunset Glow blushing blush. This is my summer shade. Granted, I'm a little blush crazy, but I love this. It's the perfect peachy pink bronze for skin that has a bit of a yellow undertone like mine.
3. Psssst Dry Shampoo. Please forgive the dumb name of this stuff. Camille, my girl at Birds Barbershop, recommended this stuff to me, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a can of it in the speakers' swag bag from StyleX (I think it was a BeautyBox5 sample). I don't wash my hair daily but a generous spraying and a brush through of Psssst makes my hair look and smell fresh, pretty much immediately.
4. Happiest Toddler on the Block. I got this per the recommendation of my friend Jen, whose daughter Rowen is only a few weeks older than Jude. The stuff Chris and I learned from the DVD Happiest Baby on the Block pretty much saved our sanity when Jude was young, and so far, I'm learning a lot of new great ways to communicate with and love on my sweet, reserved boy.
5. Bringing up Bebe. This is next on my reading list because two people who I love and respect recommended it to me. My sister Shelley called me after seeing this book on the Today Show and raved about it, and I also noticed that my friend Linda is reading it. I don't at all have a French obsession (unless French fries count), but I'd like to read it with an open mind. I love reading and even recently joined a book club (we're reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone next month). I'd love any of your recommendations, too!
6. Mint jeans. I swear, mint jeans are a gateway drug to other colored denim. Ever since I got the Sea Man jeans from Free People, I've been dreaming of coral, yellow, cobalt blue, and bright pink denim. It's an addiction, and I need some intervention!
7. The New iPad. All during TxSC I kept wishing I had an iPad. Every time I'd see someone on theirs I'd get a serious case of technology envy. I finally broke down and got myself one the day the iPad 3 came out. I had saved up for a Lensbaby, so this was a little bit of an impulse buy, but so far, no regrets. I think I'll use this iPad far more than a new camera lens. Can anyone recommend any apps?
8. Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor & Rolf. When I went to pick up my free Buxom balm at Sephora today, I randomly picked up this bottle of perfume and fell in love with the scent. Oh, man. Six hours later, I keep sniffing my wrists. I have worn Clinique Happy since high school (anyone else?) and occasionally switch it up with DKNY Delicious or Michael Kors Hawaii Island (which has been discontinued), but lately I've been wanting floral and spicy perfume instead of the citrus and tropical scents I've been wearing most of my life. I just wish Flowerbomb weren't so darn expensive! Guess I'll just have to spray myself at Sephora and Ulta every chance I get!
9. Steve Madden Winonna wedge. My TxSC assistant Rachel has these shoes on on Sunday and I could not stop staring at them. I love them so much. I'd been eying them on (which is on Groupon right now for $50 off $100 -or- $25 off $50!), but they sold out. I picked them up and clutched them close to my chest at Nordstrom today. I kind of feel like they're haunting me and that I should have them immediately, but I'm taking a break from buying heels and wedges for now just in case my feet decide to get fatter and longer like they did last pregnancy. I can't say I won't buy them from via Groupon if they come back in stock, though!
10. Coral patent loafers by Wanted. My last summer's love for oxfords has been replaced by a love for loafers. I just got these last week, and they are my go-to flats... especially with my mint jeans!
11. Epiphanie Lyric bag (mustard). I have the Ephiphanie Clover bag in bright pink, and it's held up extremely well from a solid year of daily use. I'm in the market for a smaller bag, though because most of the time I'm just running around with my camera and the 50mm lens (and not the whole set-up). The Lyric bag is on back order because apparently everyone else wants one, too. Chris has been offering to buy me a smaller camera bag for a while, and since there's no way he'll ever buy me the $1850.00 Proenza Schouler camera bag, this is at the top of my wish list.

I know we all have Pinterest now so perhaps little round-ups of things I'm digging are irrelevant. However, I feel like I hit the jackpot with new discoveries so I wanted to take a moment to share.

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