Please note: If I give your kid a drum set, it doesn't mean I hate you

You know you're giving bad gifts to kids when the parents donate them to the church shortly after their kid's birthday. Pre-parenthood, this happened to Chris and me... twice. We once bought a drum set for a one year old. We thought it was so cool that we bought the same drum set for a different one year old. Lo and behold, both of these drum sets ended up being given away. Oops.

Now that we've spawned (and spawned again), have we realized our mistake? No, friends, no we have not. We are slowly building up an arsenal of raucous things for Jude and his sister to bang on. My house in the afternoon sounds like what I imagine The Polypohic Spree would sound like if everyone in the band were... you know... uncoordinated toddlers.

Yet I still detest toys that take batteries or plastic toys with blinking lights, and I have no plans to ever let Jude tinker around on my phone or iPad (but ask me again after our trip to Florida! Ha!). However, I love watching Jude strum his ukelele and shake his maracas, or even use his maracas to bang on the ukelele. We recently got him a glockenspiel, and I swear could listen to him bang on that all day. I was able to record part of his first meeting with his little xylophone. He can't play "Don't Stop Believing" yet, but give him a couple months:

[vimeo w=600&h=337]

So do musical instruments make good gifts for toddlers? I suppose it depends on the parents, but in this household, a drum set would never be frowned upon... at least between the hours of 8am and 7pm.

Since I'm in full-on collage mode (see yesterday), here's some other instruments that are great for toddlers:

Jude has the bee maracas (1), the glockenspiel (2), and the ukelele (3). All the others are on my wish list.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

The only thing I could not tollerate is miniature bagpipes. Oh, man, I hate bagpipes. It actually freaks me out that bagpipes for kids exist. If anyone ever got Jude or Little Lady Bird bagpipes, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be donating them to my church the following Sunday. Or better yet, I'd donate them to someone else's church so that I could eliminate the off-chance that my children would see them, play them, love them, and convince their father to buy them their own set (or sets!) for home. Imagine the horror of two children playing bagpipes poorly in stereo. No, thank you. I'd rather be maimed by a goose. 
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