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My sweet friend Tolly left a comment for me regarding my hair color a few posts back, and I realized that 1- I never answered her, and 2- I never blogged about my ombré hair dye experience. I requested the ombré treatment from Francisco before I was pregnant and man, did he deliver:[vimeo w=600&h=338]

[music: "No Pants Friday" by Lee Rosevere]

You can't see it very well in the video, but it showed up great in my March 1 outfit photo. Extreme close-up action coming right up! Boom:hairI really like it. It's subtle and Francisco is a complete joy to be around. I love being in his chair! If you're in Austin or Corpus Christi, I cannot recommend seeing him enough. Check out his website and Facebook for more info. 
Since I started going to places other than the "salon" inside Walmart to get my hair done, I've been trying to take care of my hair a little better. I'e discovered that I really like trying new shampoos and whatnot. Here's what I'm currently using and enjoying:

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1 & 2: Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner: I have split personality hair: very oily at the roots and super dry on the ends. The stuff works great on my whole head. It's way moisturizing to the crispy parts of my hair but not so heavy that my roots become an oil slick. The smell reminds me a little bit of a hippie (there's an aromatherapy blend ylang ylang, bergamot, anise, and patchouli) but the smell doesn't stick to my hair very long. For me, this is good because usually I abhor the smell of patchouli. However the scent doesn't seem to bother me in the slightest since it seems to blend nicely with the essence of the other scents and the plant extracts of rose and green tea. If you don't have a problem with dry hair, there's a lighter version of the conditioner available, too. 3. Paul Mitchell Shampoo One:  This shampoo is the original Paul Mitchell shampoo formula, and I keep this in the shower in case it's a two shower day (like if I've worked out) or when I just feel like mixing it up. I don't wash my hair every day, but if I did, I'd use this daily since it's so gentle. This stuff leaves my hair so shiny, rinses very clean, and smells divine. 4. Redken Powder Refresh 01: If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know I just got this. I just ran out of the Psssst sample I got at StyleX in my Beautybox 5, so I wanted to try something different. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for me. Like I said, my roots have the tendency to look a little oily, so when the rest of my hair is looking great and I want to salvage the style, I just do a round of dry shampoo to deslick my roots and refresh my hair. 5. Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum: I bought this on a whim at Target, and I ended up loving it. I am trying to grow my hair back out after my megacut last August, so I need to prevent as much breakage as possible. I treat my hair with this after every shower, and so far, so good!
I have a whole slew of cuts and colors I like on Pinterest.  I'm considering going even lighter with my ombré for the summer before I go dark and short (to get rid of some layering) this winter. I'd love to go a little more golden like these:  ombré hair inspirationsAre there any other hair care products I should look into? What do you swear by? Who are you pinning lately for hair inspiration? 
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