Favorite Photos of the Week

Here's a peek at some of my favorite Instagram photos from this week:

petting zoo disaster

Petting Zoo Disaster [13 May 2012] // Jude had just pushed this poor little guinea pig off his lap at the petting zoo set up at the Get Babied Spafest on Mother's Day. I cannot stop laughing at this photo! My favorite parts are (1) the airborne guinea pig (look at it's hind legs!), (2) Chris' "OH NO!" face, and (3) Jude's totally ambivalent face (he just wanted to hold the chicken).

it's a girl cake

It's a Girl Cake [16 May 2012] // After finding out that Baby Two is a girl, we thought we'd announce the happy news to our city group in a really sweet way. [recipe]

abe lincoln planter 

Abe Lincoln Planter [19 May 2012] // Abe Lincoln has always been my historical crush (he was a midwesterner who was tall and who liked to read and he wore a dapper hat). I saw this chartreuse Lincoln bust planter at the Renegade Craft Fair and fell in love. The seller, Barking Dog Press, just so happens to be local to Austin [Etsy].

It's been really nice getting back into the swing of things here on Adored Austin and mixing up my regular content with a few family focused posts. I am excited to do a great giveaway next week and to show you the amazing new jeans I picked up yesterday from Francesca's. Enjoy your weekend!

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