Hot mama!

Woot! At nearly 22 weeks pregnant, it's official: I am more than half way done with this pregnancy. Holla! And here's yet another post where I squeeze myself into too tight jeans. I show no signs of giving up summer denim despite my burgeoning midsection:

21 weekswanted wedges21 weeks date: 20 May 2012 // occassion: Austin City Life gatheringjeans: Ralph Lauren via TxSC'11 Swap (similar- mega sale // last seen here) // tee: A Pea in the Pod // bag: Buffalo Exchange (similar) // wedges: c/o Wanted

Just like my sudden unshakeable love for denim during this pregnancy, I have developed a sudden unshakeable love for insanely spicy foods.... but here's the kicker-- I can't taste it. The changes one undergoes during pregnancy are the strangest things.  I put ten drops of Dave's in my tortilla soup, despite Chris' warning that "One drop may ruin your soup!".  Yesterday I ordered the El Diablo burger from Hopdoddy and had them add hot sauce. Today I can't stop thinking about Fire in The Hole wings from Pluckers. I am convinced this child is going to come out of me asking for Texas Pete in her bottle. 
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