Rash decisions [updated]

So yesterday something strange happened. On Wednesday night, we put Jude to bed with what we thought was just a little bit of heat rash on his chest and back. Nothing alarming-- Jude and I had been out and about shopping most of the day and joined our city group for dinner at Aster's, so he did spend more time than usual in his car seat. That little seat can get quite warm, and last summer he got heat rash a few times. No big deal.

Jude enjoys a hamburger Tuesday, before the spots broke out.

When he woke up yesterday, though, he was covered in red spots... but he had no idea. He wasn't itchy, he wasn't sad or unhappy, and he was his usual energetic self. However, as the day progressed his rash spread and got redder and worse, yet he remained blissfully unaware that he looked absolutely horrifying. Bless his heart.

Turns out, Jude was having a non-allergic reaction to the amoxicillin he had been taking for six days for a very minor ear infection, and this is common for about 10% of toddlers who take an antibiotic for the first time.

I made a video to show Chris since he was already at work by the time Jude woke up and I emailed it to Jude's pediatrician who was able to diagnose him via the video and from talking to me on the phone. Dr. Bell and her staff were really great yesterday, by the way. They called three times throughout the day to check on Jude's progress, thus saving me the drive over there.

I went back and forth about posting the video and photos, and I finally decided that this is so strange that perhaps other parents would benefit from seeing what this harmless but terrible looking non-allergic amoxicillin rash looks like, so the video is here if you want to take a gander and here's a photo of his back.

His rash doesn't respond to Benadryl and since he's not itchy, we don't have to coat him in hydrocortisone or calamine lotion. We just have to wait it out... and continue with the amoxicillin.

My only concern is that it may not be cleared up by the time we fly out to Florida for vacation next weekend. I don't know about you, but I would be freaked out if a kid looking like mine were on my flight. I mean, he looks like he's got measles or some other crazy contagious disease or something. If he's still spotty, we may have to get a note from Dr. Bell assuring the airline and our fellow passengers that he's not contagious with anything.

The whole thing is so bizarre to me: a non-allergic reaction that results in a horrific rash. It just seems so counter-intuitive... like maternity Spanx or Crocs that aren't clogs.

UPDATE [6 June 2011- one week later]: Jude's rash has finally disappeared from his chest and back, but his arms, legs, and face and still recovering. We've been cooped up, avoiding the sun. (We've been bird watching in the kitchen, playing basketball, and reading nearly non-stop). Sadly, over the weekend, he got throw-up sick in the middle of the night and he has had no appetite since. Yesterday he had some crazy looking stools (sorry, TMI here: they were white, massive and unbelievably stinky), but alas, apparently these are still very common side affects of amoxicillin reassures our pediatrician. The only food he'll eat is his lactose-free yogurt and this cereal. We're sneaking in doses of children's probiotic and a lactose-free nutritional supplement to establish some healthy bacteria in that little stomach of his, but we're laying low, hoping Jude will be back to 100% before our Florida vacation. What a rough week!  Thanks for your kind words, advice, and sweet prayers.

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