Unplugged in Florida

Just a quick little post to let you know that we've returned from our week in Florida. What a wonderful vacation! Chris' family came down from Boston and rented a gorgeous beach house in Indian Rocks, and since my family was nearby we were able to spend time with them, too.

The last time we went to Florida, we did Disney and ran around like crazy. This time Chris requested that we "do nothing" (with the exception of Busch Gardens for Jude one day). For days, we just laid on the beach and swam in the ocean. We both left our computers at home and had our phones turned off most of the time. It was just what we needed.

 Here's Jude (in the front) on our last night on the beach with his three older cousins.

Sadly, my camera battery died immediately upon arrival, so I only have a few phone photos. I guess that's for the best, though. I was able to relax and almost completely unplug instead of trying to document everything. 

When I get back into the swing around here this week, I owe you some posts on maternity wear on the beach, traveling with a toddler without using an iPad or DVD player, reviews for SwimSpot and Bearpaw, and giveaways from Blowfish, VincaUSA, Bucco, and Vaseline Total Moisture, kid brands Shirts that Go, Paige Laurenand eco-friendly / fair trade conscious brands My Mela, Go Fish, and Naya Shoes. For today? I need to do laundry to wash the sand out of our belongings and spend the afternoon getting reacquainted with Austin. I've already visited Chuy's since returning (who knew I would miss Tex-Mex so much?), but I think a breakfast taco and a trip to Casey's is in order, too. 

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