26 weeks: pregnancy update

In high school, I once accidentally flicked a guy's crotch area with my finger, and I was astonished when tears sprung to his eyes. I mean, sure, I had seen plenty of episodes of America's Funniest Videos (why is there always a section of grown men being hit in the privates?!), so I was aware that this area could be sensitive, to say the least. However, as a woman, I have never really been able to empathize insomuch as simply sympathize with groin pain. Until recently.

The following conversation took place last Wednesday:

Me: So, for the last week, I've been having pain in my front groin area, but today, oh, man! It's like someone whacked me there with a sledge hammer. I can't even walk up stairs or turn over in bed without wanting to cry.
Midwife: Oh, dear. You have symphysis pubis dysfunction.
Me: I have syphilis what?!
Midwife: No, no. Let me start over! Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Basically it means the ligaments in your pelvis have weakened and your pubic bones have separated. 

Apparently this is pretty common. An estimated of 25% of pregnant women experience this to differing degrees, so I'm certainly not a medical anomaly here. My case is pretty painful, and there's really nothing I can do about it aside from seeing a chiropractor a couple times a week for adjustments to get temporary pain relief. It goes away almost the instant after birth, and thankfully it will not at all interfere with my plan to have another med-free home birth. I've been ordered not to lift heavy things, swim, do yoga, prolonged walking, and vigorous exercise. I'm supposed to wear a support band around my hips and pretend I'm wearing a mermaid tail in order to keep my knees together and my pelvis held in the correct spot (maybe I can convince Chris to get me one of these...). I'm supposed to rest as much as possible and prepare for it to worsen the further I go along in my pregnancy. I may have to get crutches and even eventually go on some kind of modified bed rest. Ha! Yeah, right. Tell that to my super active 20 month old! 

Anyway, I post all this not to have a pity party or to brag about my super stretchy pelvis, but as a way of explanation of what's going on over here in the Adams household. Chris is amazing, I'm feeling fine today, and the new baby is healthy and growing just fine. I'm 26 weeks along, so almost 2/3's of the way done! Hooray!

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