Everything's Bigger in Texas (2012)

I have really great friends. I throw a lot of themed parties, and my sweet friends always indulge my whims. This past Fourth of July was no exception. Chris and I had our second annual "Everything's Bigger in Texas" party where guests were asked to bring comically large foods to share, and our guests did not disappoint. Here's just a sampling of what was on the table:


(Top to Bottom): Kathleen made a festive four layer cake (red velvet and white cake with cream cheese icing) | Matt and Joanie made a giant cheeseburger | Kayla made palm sized Goldfish Crackers | The Hansens made a cookie tower | Kristan made big 'ole pretzels | Faye and Dave picked up the "World Famous Round Rock Donut" | I busted out some large chocolate covered pretzels while Chris smoked a 17 pound beef roast. Holy cow!

One of the cutest things was Heidi's and Dearing's Gigant-O-Sizer (corn version), which was just out of production in time for the party (be sure to click on the video below the photos to see it in action):


Baby corn goes in, regular sized corn on the cob comes out! 

The thoughtful folks over at Honest Tea made sure the kiddos at our party had plenty to do and plenty to drink:


They made red, white, and blue (and purple) tie dyed shirts. And using empty juice pouches, paper straws, and strips of duct tape, we crafted super easy "no-light sparklers". I want to do these again in blue for Jude's birthday party in October!


These low sugar juices hit the spot after a full day of eating giant junk foods and playing in the sprinklers. Thank you, Honest Tea! Kudos to everyone who made it out. We loved having you over and can't wait to do it again next year! Go ahead, friends, mark your calendars for our 2013 party. The party falls on a Thursday, and I'm already scheming up what I can make.

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[disclosure: Honest Kids juice and supplies for tie dye and crafts provided by Honest Tea]