Little Black Dress / Big, Big Belly

Do you have a piece of clothing that is a food magnet? My best friend Bee always spills stuff on her chest when she's sporting a white top. As for me, it seems like I always spill salsa or spaghetti sauce on my protruding midsection while wearing this dress. This is a problem because I wear this dress (and eat!) all. the. time.

gofish_1I had this dress for about one hour when I decided to put it on and have some lunch. That's when the first salsa spill occurred. Please know that these are not minor spills, mind you, These are the "oh, crud, I better go throw this in the wash immediately" type of disasters. The next day it happened again but with a heaping forkful of pasta. Suffice to say, I've had this dress for one month and have worn it at least twice a week with every intention of taking an outfit photo, however, nearly every time I get near food, -SPLAT!- onto the stomach I drop it. gofish_2
date: 3 July 2012 (and many, many more!) | occasion: Macaroni Grill to satisfy a pasta craving

dress: c/o Go Fish (handmade, fair trade) | hat: c/o Pac Sun (similar- last seen here) | necklace: c/o Moorea Seal (handmade- last seen here) | shoes: Shoemint (similar 1, 2- last seen here) | earrings: c/o VINCA (USA made, ATX designed)

I can now tell you with complete certainty that this dress washes beautifully and easily. I really love this dress. It's not a "maternity dress" but the shirred top assures that it will be flattering up through those final pregnancy months when nothing else seems to fit well.
bumpI am 29.5 weeks along in this pregnancy today and up an astounding 44 pounds! I'd love to tell you that I'm feeling awesome, but alas, my SPD is getting worse (now my hip keeps popping out of place) and although I did total bedrest on Sunday, yesterday my left knee decided to not work without yelp inducing pain. I want Birdie to stay in until her due date, but truth be told, I am so over being pregnant. shoesBut let's not blame the leopard print booties for any of my hip and knee pain, okay? I know they don't seem very practical, but I'm still relishing the fact that so far I have not had to endure the same type of feet swelling as I did while pregnant with Jude. I think Jude disagrees about the practicality of these shoes, though. When I was getting ready to go out to dinner with Chris and lacing up my boots, Jude brought me over the above (flat) sandals to wear instead. Hilarious! mooreasealnecklaceI am still very thankful that no matter how much weight I gain, statement making necklaces will still fit. vincausa_deerAnd of course animal jewelry.

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