Adored Austin joins the Project Runway Fashion Network

It is no secret that I love Project Runway. True story: I once invited myself over to a stranger's house to watch Project Runway because I don't have cable. I am a huge fan of the show, and in my dream world, I would take every challenge with the designers and blog my (disastrous) results.

I didn't start watching until season seven (I try to avoid most reality tv), but I finally gave in and started watching it because people in my life kept telling me I'd love it. They were right! I am thrilled that the full episodes are available to watch online, and I'm particularly excited about this season because I've been asked to be a part of the Project Runway Fashion Network. This basically means I may have the opportunity to do a post on the Project Runway blog sometime this season and that every week I have the chance to jump on a conference call with the eliminated designer.

This season my favorite designer is Melissa:
melissaI am half tempted to crash someone's house to watch the fourth episode tonight. This week's episode looks like it's full of drama!
Who else is watching Project Runway this season? Okay, now which one of you wants to invite me over?

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