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A quick note: Starting now, from time to time my husband Chris will occasionally contribute content to Adored Austin. From my giveaway entries and talking with friends I know there are at least a few menfolk who lurk here, and every once in a while Chris has a great story or experience to share. He's an excellent blogger (he even blogged for Clinique for a year!), and I am excited he's willing to share his voice here. Without further ado, here's a post from Chris. -Indiana

I badly needed a haircut. The girl who has cut my hair for the last three years left her salon, so for my last two cuts I went to the closest place by my work then used a random salon my wife found on Groupon. Results were less than satisfactory. Unlike Indiana who can go six months without a haircut, I need a trim every six weeks to keep my mop looking decent.
before600As you can see, it had been a while since my last cut, perhaps two months, and I was starting to develop what Indiana calls a "Mullittle" (a little mullet). I call them "ducktails". I would like to state here and now that I have never had a mullet, not even as a child in the 1980's. Nor a rattail.

When Indiana said a perspective blog sponsor would like to give me a haircut, I knew I had to take it, but I was suspicious. Please remember, she had previously sent me to a get a bad haircut at a less than stellar salon she had found on Groupon.

Being the trusting and loving husband that I am and being in dire need of a cut, I allowed her to set me up an appointment with Ziggy at Waterstone Salon. Last Saturday, we went.
door600wash600bumble600Waterstone only sells Bumble and Bumble hair products. Fun fact: when my wife and I were just dating, I accidentally broke a cologne bottle so I put the cologne into an empty Bumble and Bumble spray container. Indiana came over to my place, saw it in the bathroom, thought it was hair spray, and proceeded to coat her hair with my cologne. For that reason, we always smile when we see Bumble and Bumble bottles.

We arrived a few minutes late to the appointment, and Ziggy was waiting patiently for us in the waiting area. Right off that bat, I noticed two things:
Although there were four other stylists at work, the place didn't smell like hair dye or perm. In fact, it smelled nice. Nothing floral or heavy, just pleasant. Secondly, this sign and the playroom, which the receptionist let Jude have full access to:
childcare600Ziggy was great. When he found out I was a former musician, he suggested something that could be a little more casual but still work in the office. I let him get to work:
spray600cut600after600For me, the true test of a good haircut is being able to style it like the stylist did one week later. I am six days into this cut, and everything is going well. I can quickly and easily style my hair using a little bit of pomade. Like most guys, I want a very low maintenance cut, and I'd like it to last a good while. Thanks, Waterstone. Thanks, Ziggy. See you soon. -Chris

I am loving Chris' new haircut, and Jude and I had a really great time hanging out in the kid room. They had a play kitchen, a Nintendo Wii, DVD's, books, cars, puzzles, and TONS for a kid to do. I can't wait to take advantage of their on-site babysitter on a Tuesday or Thursday. It is so genius that the owners Tim and Blanca thought of this. How many moms put off trips to the spa or salon because they'd have to find a sitter, too? I don't have a mullittle going on or anything, but my gray hairs are out of control. As soon as Lady Bird arrives, I'd like to get those taken care of! -Indi

Waterstone Salon is located at
3016 Guadalupe Street
Suite B-100
Austin TX 78705
Webpage | Twitter | Facebook

Disclaimer: Chris' cut was complimentary on Aug. 4, 2012. Waterstone Salon became an official Adored Austin partner Aug. 10, 2012. 
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