You've seen the little black dress, now here's the big one.

I included this dress in my maternity round-up post, but I have not yet shown you a photo of it on my body. Since this is now a staple in my maternity wardrobe, that needs to be corrected:
34.5 weeksnaya elise date: 23 August 2012 | occasion: errands
dress: Liz Lange for Target | bag: c/o Go Jane | wedges: c/o Naya
Do you know how hard it is to find attractive, eco-minded women's footwear? Seriously, it's super hard. That's why I really love these shoes from Naya. Naya is a shoe company committed to using vegetable tanned leathers, natural fibers and fabrics, and water based cement, and they've implemented a bevy of other earth minded policies. Very cool. These particular wedges are great for me because they go on with hook and loop closures and they're super padded for comfort. I hadn't heard of Naya until they reached out to me earlier this summer, and I have to say that their stuff is darn cute and easy to find online. I especially love these stacked oxfords of theirs for fall. Impressed? I am.

No doubt you are also impressed by my ability to still wear four inch wedges with less than six weeks to go in this pregnancy. ME, TOO! Fingers (and toes) crossed that my feet don't permanently grow another size like last time. Otherwise, I'll have to start my shoe collection from scratch... again.

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