The things we carry

This family is a bag family. And by bag family, I mean we each carry a bag almost every where we go. Here's a peek at what's weighing us down, er, what we're currently carrying around:
indibagThe bag: Oversized Colorblock Handbag c/o
The contents: 1. iPhone 4s with pink OtterBox // 2. Sharpie pen // 3. Death & Texas wallet // 4. AnneMarie mini-wallet (for loyalty and business cards) // 5. Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues c/o BeautyBox5 // 6. Clinique Sunset Glow blush // 7. Clinique Chianti lipstick // 8. Buxom mascara.
judebagThe bag: Skip Hop Bee Bag purchased at Baby Earth
The contents: 1. Tommy Tippee cup // 2. Bumkins sleeved bib // 3. cheap calculator (seriously one of his favorite "toys") // 4. Best Bottom diaper // 5. Huggies Natural Care wipes // 6. Planet Wise wet bag // 7. Best Bottom diaper liner.
chrisbagThe bag: Ogio c/o his work
The contents: 1. airline peanuts ("You never know when you're going to have a protein emergency!") // 2. lock for gym locker // 3. chalk for weight lifting // 4. New! bar shampoo c/o Lush // 5. Old Spice Classic stick deodorant // 6. Verb hair paste // 7. Macbook Pro (work computer) // 8. Clinique Men's Hydrater // 9. Clique Men's Shave Aloe Gel

I don't know what the things we carry say about us, but I do know that this post turned out a little more boring than I anticipated. I wish one of us carried something interesting. Like a concealed handgun. Or really, anything, from Sky Mall.

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