Online shopping for my new fall favorites (i.e. how I plan to get out of my typical autumn style rut)

In many ways, I feel like my style is beginning to evolve. I'm going to be a mom of two now, and I find myself skipping the short dresses I was once drawn to, and I hardly ever shop in the juniors section anymore. Surely this is a sign that I'm finally growing up... right? On top of that, autumn in Austin means temperatures comfortable enough that clothing-wise, anything goes. Temperatures under 100º mean I'm no longer relegated to sundresses and sandals. Let us all rejoice! We can now wear pants without breaking a sweat! For a couple of years now, once fall hits, I just do different permutations of a dress / cardigan/ tights / boots, but lately I've been putting together imaginary outfits that consist of things outside my typical style rut. I've been dreaming about key wardrobe pieces I'd like to add to my closet once Ladybird is born.

Some of the things on my list include red skinny jeans, navy slacks, a couple of bright bags, and some fun sleeveless tops to go under the blazers and cardigans that I already own. Here are some of my fall favorites that I found on ShopStyle:

Get the look:

Beside a little leather jacket, is there anything else my list is missing for fall?

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