Sale Alert: Sole Society on Refinery 29 Shops

I posted this to my Facebook page last week, but now that the sale has been extended through October 4th, I thought I'd spread the news over here, too.

I love Sole Society and already own two pairs of their shoes. I was super impressed by the quality of each pair I purchased, and I actually look forward to their marketing emails each week!

I think this Refinery29 deal is phenomenal, but here's the catch: it's for new Sole Society members, only. So if you're interested, here's what you need to do:

  1. Join Sole Society with a new, valid email address. Congrats! You're a member!
  2. Browse around the site and add your favorite pair of shoes to your cart. Be sure to note the price (most shoes are $49.95/ pair, but some of the tall leather riding boots are $89.95).
  3. In a new browser, go to the Refinery 29 Shops page here and click "vouchers" on the top of the page. Click the Sole Society one.
  4. Purchase the voucher that will cover (or come close to covering) the cost of your most desired shoes: you can get $50 for $25 or $85 for $40.
  5. Your voucher will be sent to your email immediately. Check your email and grab the unique promo code from the voucher.
  6. Use your promo code in your Sole Society shopping cart. If your shoes only cost $49.95 and you got the $50 voucher for $25, you won't even have to pay shipping! Score! You just got some killer shoes at 50% off! 

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