This Week's Favorites // Last Week of September 2012

Favorite Instagram Photo: This week I taught my mom how to use Facebook. I literally had to draw her sketches so she could figure out how to upload photos. Hilarious.

Favorite Pin: This gorgeous necklace from Peacock Plume. I can't stop looking at it! I haven't pulled the trigger yet, because do I really need another necklace?

Favorite Website: Everything is just $5.00, and there are a ton of services bloggers can use. I paid someone $5.00 for to redesign my YouTube channel and another person $5.00 to re-do my little video intro. I think this may be a great place to get little gifts for folks around Christmastime, too.

Favorite Tweet: While alternating between first season episodes of My So-Called Life and Friday Night Lights, I suddenly realized that Tim Riggins was basically a Jordan Catalano archetype:
Seriously! You can't deny this photographic evidence!
Favorite Family Moment: Every night before he goes to bed, Jude points to my shirt and says, "Open it!". I lift up the hem and he puts his mouth on my bare belly and says, "I love you!" to his baby sister. I'm due on Tuesday, which is also Jude's birthday!

Adored Austin News: More than 450 people entered the Marshalls $100 giftcard giveaway. The winner was Emily D. If you didn't win, no fear! I'll have a fresh giveaway Monday morning.
winner marshalls
Shameless plug: I am going to start posting videos to YouTube. I had been using Vimeo, but I recently joined Mompulse, and the mom community seems more active on Youtube. If you wouldn't mind subscribing to my new YouTube channel, I would really, really appreciate it. I imagine that after I'm done being pregnant I can go back to making a lot of silly videos again.

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