Moccasin love

When I was in the first grade I had three pairs of shoes: plain white (generic) Keds, denim boots, and a pair of white Minnetonka moccasins that my grandma picked out for me. That was the only hint of her heritage in our home.

My grandmother is full blooded Native American. She was raised on a Sioux reservation in South Dakota, and her heritage is one that I hope to learn more about. She didn't talk a lot about it because Native American people were so prejudiced against when she was younger that she silenced that part of her life from us for so long. She raised me, but I never once heard a single story about her life on the reservation. I'm determined to ask her more about it the next time we're together this fall.

To say that I like moccasins would be an understatement. I really love moccasins. They're comfortable, fun, stylish, and versatile. Minnetonka is, no doubt, the most famous makers of moccasins, and I own several pairs:


 1. double fringe side zip boot // 2. studded mocs // 3. calf-hi three layer fringe boot // 4. soft sole Thunderbird // 5. hi fringe boot

And I hope to own many, many more!

When Jude was born, the first pair of shoes I bought him were Minnetonkas. I am delighted that my moccasin fever has become contagious to my entire family:


6. double fringe side zip boot // 7. double fringe side zip boot // 8. ankle hi tramper boot // 9. chukka boots

[Outfit details: family's shoes courtesy of Minnetonka. Indiana: cardigan- American Apparel, leggings and tank: Silence + Noise (UO), bag: gift from Jen // Caroline: dress- Splendid, leggings: Happy Green Bee, headband: Amazon // Jude: sweater- American Apparel, jeans: Levis, vest: Osh Kosh (thrifted) // Chris: jacket- Cloth Logic, shirt: Old Navy (similar), jeans: Levis]


Those little pink ones slay me.

I wonder if Caroline will pass down moccasin fever to her children one day.

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